Neil Young

One More Sign

Neil Young

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One More Sign

	  		Intro: G  Cm  G  Bm  Bm7  C  Cmaj7  Am  Am7  D  F 

Verse 1:

G Cm No I'm not gonna hide my feelings G Bm Bm7 Couldn't if I tried C Cmaj7 Am Am7 D F No, I'm not keeping them inside G Cm Holding back is so close to stealing G Bm Bm7 Though we both have pride C Cmaj7 Am Am7 D F We could lose it all if we lied


C D G D/F# Someday it's later than the feeling we have now Em C It's off the ground D I've always played around G C But now I don't know how
Instrumental: G Cm G

Verse 2:

G Cm Listen easy cause I'm saying G Bm Bm7 What I mean this time C Cmaj7 Am Am7 D F Sharing words I always said were mine G Cm I was breezy, now I'm swaying G Bm Bm7 Like the tree we climbed C Cmaj7 Am Am7 D F G Asking you to give me one more sign

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