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Ragon Linde - Suspended Keyboard

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Ragon Linde - Suspended

verse 1 
Ebmaj7               Ab7 
I am orphaned at the center. 
       Ebmaj7	                  Ab7 
The bridge yaws side to side 
C#6			  Bmaj7 
ululates beneath my feet. 
     C#6			  Bmaj7 
To you fixed in domicile’s unyielding grip, 

    Fm7        	        Gm7 
it appears I stand upon ribbon candy 
little between me and death. 
Fm7		 Gm7	     Abmaj7	  F#maj7   Ebmaj7 
Yet to me this axis is a nest,        a nest 

verse 2 
     Ebmaj7                Ab7 
as secure as any, even the cracked boards, 
               Ebmaj7		            			Ab7 
even the rope rails hook me far better than your slick, marble stairs. 
C#6			  		   Bmaj7 
Yet my jangling course sways unnecessarily, irritates you 
       C#6			  		   		                     Bmaj7 
where you stand locked in your door, taut, waiting for me to enter my own settled house. 

Fm7            	      Gm7 
I am orphaned at the center. 
Only my shadow will complete 
       Fm7			  Gm7 
this journey which I have decided 
must settle right here, right now, far from the end, the end. 

F#maj7  Ebmaj7 

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