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by tamamoreira

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Quilapayśn - Us The Lovers

Am                Em                  G                 D 
All the tears that you had on my parade 
        Am                      Em                G 
And all the mistakes that I made by  
    Am               Em        
I think I might get a little bit scared  
To fall in love with you 
What a mess is my head 
You told me whenever you need time I'll  
be here 
    G                                          D 
I wondering, I couldn't stay near  
     Am                                Em 
I break your heart so as mine 
   G                                          D 
I try to come back but you were out of line  
        Am                       Em               G         D 
You ignorance is the worst thing ever 
        Am                     Em   G            D  
But even if we take time I'll wait forever 
         Am                    Em   G   
Cuz when were together we were just  
        Am                                      Em 
We smiling we laughing until we felt  
      G                                  D 
We try to hold each other but we failed 
                         Am   Em 
And we keep running  
G                                   D 
Running after our love until we see above 
Am   Em  G         D 
Running us the lovers 

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