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Let Me Go Keyboard

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Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by ubirbomfim

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Let Me Go

 C G Em D (2x) 

Intro:  C G  Em  D (2x)

C          G           Em     D   
I remember when it was only you 
C           G 
No-one else on my mind 
Em          D 
Of everyday and night 
C              G 
Couldn’t sleep most nights 
Em            D 
Wouldn’t let me go 
C              G 
Couldn’t stop couldn’t go 
Em              D 
Girl im holding on 

Let me go 
Let me stop 
Em           D  
And forget the one 
That never was 
G           Em    D 
never will be so 

Girl let me go 
G             Em         D 
Let me stop and walk away 
C           G        Em       D 
I don’t want to stay and wait 
C         G            
Is it me, can I change 
Em         D 
Or will I wait 
Let me go 
Let me go 
Em      D 
Get out my mind 
Never will 
Be you 
Em        D 
By my side 
C          G 
Girl let me go 

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