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Jeko - Baby On The Dock

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Jeko - Baby On The Dock

	  		Intro: G C D D G 

Verse 1:

G A crew of rowdy sailors C were telling tall tales D Stories of women, monsters G and places they had sailed G One Said you all know boys C I've seen the whold damn world D I think it's time that I go home G and see my darling girl G Once the cargos loaded C and we're on the ebbing tide D we'll set out to sea again G and on the wind we'll ride G The next ports my home port C Where the Swallows come in flocks D I've been waiting a lifetime G To kiss my baby on the dock

Verse 2:

G Five days out at sea C It was storming pretty hard D The sailor he climbed up the mast G and went out on the arm G Ariving just in time C as the stitching started to fail D Pulling hard and bleeding some G as he furled in the sail G The sailor was a strong man C But still he lost his grip D Falling through the darkness G Hit the deck like a ton of bricks G The crew all heard him yell out C and they were all in shock D He's been waiting a lifetime G To kiss his baby on the dock G C D D G

Verse 3:

G They layed him in the Focsole C and waited for the news D The sergeon sail I'm sorry son G There's nothing I can do G The Sailor said come closer C As he lifted his weary head D The crew began to gather round D and this is what he said (spoken) G Give my mother my wadges C Jack can have my knife D Sam you take my tars G When I give up my life (sung) G My new home is calling boys C The gates have been unlocked D My baby will be lonesome G waiting for me on the dock G D My Baby will be lonesome G Waiting for me on the dock
Outro: G C D D G

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