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by aleffederico

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Jason Wulf Band - Loved By You

verse 1 
E                                  Asus 
I wondered if I knew the day I met you 
E                          Asus 
If I’d fall in Love with you 
E                                Asus 
I wondered if I knew the day, I held you 
E                             Asus 
I would never want to let you go 

C#m B All times we spent to get together Asus Holding hands and making love N.C. Sweet, Sweet love
verse 2 E Asus I know you’re the world’s greatest partner E Asus That any man could ever have E Asus We were blessed by the eyes of our lord E Asus And that makes me a proud, proud man!
C#m B Asus All the worries I use to have, I have no more C#m B And all my worries go away, Asus When you walk right through that door N.C. Walk right through that door turn around B C#m People to don’t seem to understand Asus The greatest love a man could ever have B C#m Is to be loved by someone like you D Asus Feels like the whole world is holding me N.C. Loved by You!

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