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Impact Bracelet - Noah Thomas Keyboard

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by gustsilva

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Impact Bracelet - Noah Thomas

A E D A E 

verse 1 
A               E 
  In the morning, when you wake up I 
D                        A    E 
  Like to believe you are thinking of me 
A                       E 
  And when the sun comes through your window 
D                              A        E 
  I like to believe you've been dreaming of me 
D    A  E 

verse 2 
A              E                   D 
  I know I am   in love with you cause 
                      A                 E 
I've spent all these nights dreaming of your love 
A              E 
I know I can't run away from 
D              A              E 
the effect your love has on my heart 

verse 3 
A                  E 
When I met you, you went right through 
       D                    A                E 
Me as I tied that impact bracelet onto your wrist 
A              E                 D                A       E 
Kissing in the school hallway I felt nothing but safe and content 

A              E                    D               A            E 
I know I am in love with you cause I spend all my moments thinking about you 
A                E              D    A E 
When I see you I can't help but smile 
D A    E 
I love you 

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