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Egor Laptev - No Colour No Creed

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Egor Laptev - No Colour No Creed

| A | C | D | E | A7 | C | F | G7 | 

verse 1 
A               C          D          E 
I was walking down-town sipping on a bru  
A7              C              D9     E7 
There I saw him by the road eating vindaloo 
A                 C                D          E 
I have asked him for a lighter he got up and lit 
A7              C                F              G7 
Just remember heard a whisper ‘No Colour No Creed’ 

verse 2 
A                    C         D                E 
I said “Thanks” and kept on walking to my local pub 
A7                      C          D9         E7 
There I met my pals and lassies waiting for chat 
A                     C           D          E 
I have told about the geezer and laughingly repeat 
A7                 C          F              G7 
In a whisper as I heard it ‘No Colour No Creed’ 

A C D E No Colour No Creed, no religions’ too big A7 C F G7 No borders, no states we’re all one race
Solo | A | C | D | E | A7 | C | F | G7 | verse 3 A C D E Jokes were rolling down with Guinness, bell rung, lights went dim A7 C D9 E7 I was walking back in darkness sipping on a gin A C D E Out of shadows they appeared I was slow to tick A7 C F G7 Falling down, heard them laughing ‘No Colour No Creed’ verse 4 A C D E I came round with the splitting ache inside my head A7 C D9 E7 But I managed to get up and make a couple steps A C D E She was looking sympathizing, helped me back to sit A7 C F G7 Smiled and whispered in my ear ‘No Colour No Creed’. Chorus Outro | A | C | D | E |

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