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Dav?a - Violet Skies Keyboard

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Difficulty: EasyEasy

by edsooliveira

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Dav?a - Violet Skies

    C             G 
 The boy with the stars 
      Em          Bm 
 I was safe in his arms 

  C             G 
 I knew, that he loved 
      Em                Hm 
 When I told him, he was mine 

      C            G 
 Hazel eyes, blonde hair 
     Em               D 
 Nice smile, I wasn't there 

C He was mine D With all the stars Em He gave me sun D Before he died
V4 C G The light, it was gone Em D As my whole life, all went wrong V5 C G Dark clouds covered the sun Em D And darkness filled my skies
C He died D And left me Em Only with sun Em The last thing of mine
Bridge G C I wish I have died D Instead of him, loosing his life
C The moonlight touching my face Em Wind, that's calling my name Am Trees outgrowing my head C The shower of glowing stars Em A milion violet skies Am And me flying so high
Ending C Em Am D

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