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Alana Brezenski - Mallory Keyboard

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Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by tercmoraes

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Alana Brezenski - Mallory

A       G6    A       A                      G                        A 
Start up , ‘73, . . . Budweiser route . . . Miami down through the keys 
A                                G           A 
Flagler’s overseas highway was narrow and rough 
A                                  G                  A     G  A 
No weight on the wheels . . . or side mirrors on the truck 

Verse 1:

A G G A She was born . . . in Cuba . . . just 90 miles away A G G A Where every day is songless . . . and every color gray A G G A She heard a place of freedom lie . . . just across the bay A G G A G A So she strapped herself to a steel drum boat . . . drifted away A G6 A G A She landed at Bud & Mary’s . . . Isla Morada in the Keys A G G A She got a job cleaning fish . . . as they came in from the sea A G G A Fate would play matchmaker . . . when they crossed paths that day A G G A G A He met the Cuban girl . . . putting cases of beer away

Verse 2:

A G6 A G A She knew a place of beauty . . . but in English couldn’t say to me A G G A But he knew she sought . . . the square called Mallory A G G A He said hang up your apron . . . tell Mary you’re coming with me A G G A And we’ll watch the sun set together . . . in that western key A G6 A G A She ran ahead to the rail . . . the barrier to the sea A G A As the sun tucked itself away, she fell to her knees A G G A She said a prayer to heaven . . . in words unknown to me A G G A G A But I knew two words among them . . . Jesus and Mallory
Outro A G6 A G A For 9 years she rode beside me . . . up and down . . . these keys A G G A G A From Marathon to Big Pine . . . they stretched an end to me A G G A The seven mile bridge . . . was wide enough . . . that any now can cross A G G A So Mallory and I we bought a shack . . . where we pretend . . . we’re . . . lost

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