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Shrek The Musical - Build A Wall Keyboard

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Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by jov%2Dcorrea

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Shrek The Musical - Build A Wall

F   Bb    (2x)
                   F                  Bb                       F              Bb 
I'm gonna build me a wall, I'll make it ten feet high. 
G                                           Csus   C 
See ya later pal, bye bye. 
Bb                                               Dm      A            
No one gettin' in so don't you even try. 
     Bb          F           Eb  Bb       
A ten foot wall.. 

F                                    Bb                        F         Bb 
I'm gonna build me a wall, I'm gonna disappear. 
G                                               Csus           C 
What's the matter pal, am I not bein' clear? 
Bb                                                F                      A          Bb 
Can't you take a hint, am I getting through at all? 
F                          Bb 
Just get outta here.. 

F           ?                                       Bb 
I was told the world would despise me. 
F                                      Bb 
So I should have known, I should have guessed. 
Dm                                                  G 
I thought these two might be different. 
D            Dm                          Bb                   C         Dm  C 
Well now I know, they're just like all the rest. 

                   G                       C                           G                      C 
I'm gonna be what they want, I'm gonna be what they say. 
A                        Dm 
Hey world, I'll do it your way! 
               C                                    ?                    B 
You're looking for a monster, it's your lucky day. 
C                       G    C   G 
I'll be what you want.. 
              ?                                          Eb 
What a fool to think she might love me. 
    G                   ?  ?                 Eb 
I opened my heart and let her walk through. 
           C   G 
She wanted prince charming, I wanted my home back, 
                 E     Dbm     Gm                          D    G 
How lucky both our wishes came true.. 

             E                   A       (Em)          E              A 
Gonna build me a wall, a perfect place to hide. 
F#                            D          B 
Hey world, stay on your side. 
          E                    A                  Dbm   Eb    Ab 
The best way to conquer they say is to divide. 

A                     E 
Gonna build a wall. 

Gonna be what they say. 
 (Abm)             Ab     A        B 
Gonna hide in my heart. 

                           E    A     G   D    E 
Gonna build a wall... 

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