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Always Woodstock - Runner Man

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Always Woodstock - Runner Man


Intro: D C D 

C           G              Am                        G 
I collected broken hearts, to many lovers with empty heart,  
C                 G             Em7/B                 G 
the only son of a lovely spoil, made my home with any open doors, 
C                    Em7/B          D 
now this lonely word rise his cold, above my story that remains untold. 
C                         Am7 
I pray the time will come,    this heart would find the sun. 

G D G D Oh, I was a runner man, lost boy, never had a plan, G C D C G then your love showed me the other way, now from you I will never run away. G C D C Oh, I won’t run away, run away, oh run away, I won’t run away, G from you.

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