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Shrek - Who Id Be Keyboard

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by hebealmeida

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Shrek - Who Id Be


Db                       Gb 
I guess Id be a hero 
               Db    Ebm 
With sword and armor clashing 
       Gb        Ab/C 
Looking semi dashing 
A shield within my grip 
            Db   Gbadd2 
Or else Id be a Viking 
              Db     Ebm 
And live a life of daring 
               Gbmaj7/Bb  Ab/C 
While smelling like a herring 
Upon a Viking ship 
Id sail away Id see the world 
Gbsus2                Fm7 
I'd reach the farthest reaches 
Gbsus2                 Db/F              Gbadd2        F7/A 
Id feel the wind Id taste the salt and sea 
       Bbm      Abadd2/C Ab/C     Gbsus2 
And may - be storm some beaches 

Thats who Id be 
Thats who Id be 
             Db/F    Gb                 Db/F  Ebm7 
Or I could be a poet and write a diffrent story 
         Gb/Bb    Ab/C                         Db 
One that tells of glory and wipes away the lies 
            Db/F   Gbsus2 
Into the skies Id throw it 
                 Db/F    Ebm7 
The stars would do the telling 
                 Gb/Bb   Ab/C 
The moon would help with spelling 

And night would dot the Is 
Gbsus2                Dbadd2/F  
Id write a verse recite a joke 
Gbsus2             Fm7 
With wit and perfect timing 
Gbsus2                 Dbadd2/F            Gbadd2  Gb F7/A 
Id share my heart confess the things I yearn 
      Bbm   Ab/C      Gbsus2 
And do it all while rhyming 
But we all learn but we all learn 
B9               Gb/Bb B9                  Gb/Bb 
An ogre always hides an ogres fate is known 
B9               Gb/Bb Ab/C                 Cm7    Bbsus4    Bb    D 
An ogre always stays in the dark and all alone 
        D/F#       G            D/F#         Em7 
So yes Id be a hero and if my wish were granted 
             G/B    A/C#                       D 
Life would be enchanted or so the stories say 
                    G/B      G          D/F# Em7 
Of course Id be a hero and I would scale a tower 
            G/B     A/C#    A 
To save a hot-house flower 
And carry her away 
Dadd /F# 
But standing guard would be a beast 
Gsus2            F#m7 
Id somehow overwhelm it 
Gsus2              Dadd2/F# 
Id get the girl Id take a breath 
Gsus2           F#m7 
And Id remove my helmet 
Gsus2                   D/F#             G/B 
Wed stand and stare wed speak of love 
Wed feel the stars ascending 
Gsus2                 D/F#          G     F# 
Wed share a kiss Id find my destiny 
      Bmadd2 Bm   Asus2 A      Gsus2 
Id have a he - ros end - ing 
  Bm      A     Gsus2 
A perfect happy end - ing 

Thats how it would be 
  Em7        D/F#      Gsus2 
A big bright beautiful world 
But not for me 

Gsus2/B               D/A 
An ogre always hides 
Gsus2                  D/F# 
An ogres fate is known 

Fiona top Shrek middle and Donkey bottom 
Gsus2/B                     Aadd2              C#m           Bsus2   B       Eb 
An ogre always stays in the dark All alone and I know 
An ogre always stays in the dark All alone 
Youre all alone 

                  Eb       Ab              Eb         Fm7                   Ab   Bb 
Hell appear cause there are rules and there are stric 
So yes Ill be hero and if my wish were granted life would be enchanted 
All a - lone 

   Bb                   Eb                            Ab                     Eb 
tures I believe the sto  ry  books I 
Or so the stories say Of course Id be a hero and I would scale a 
You need a pal my calendars o - pen 

Fm7                        Bb                     Absus2 
Read by can - dle light 
Tower to save a hot-house flower and carry her away 
Ya need me 

Bb    Cm      Bb    Ab             Fm7 Bbsus2    Eb    Ebmaj7     Ab    Eb       Eb 
A perfect happy ending thats how it should be 

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