Michiko Naruke

Advanced Wind Wild Arms 3

Michiko Naruke

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Advanced Wind Wild Arms 3

	  		Always was curious why there no tabs for this awesome composition, so here we go! I tabbed this by ear,  
so some parts might seem to be too simplified/not 100% accurate, however, its pretty close. 


Main part 
A change in time 
I finally made up my mind 
   Em                              Bm 
I raise my hand from beneath the shifting sand 
       C         D        Em 
And embrace the winds of change 

  Em                     Bm 
Suddenly, everything is up to me 
     Em                        Bm 
The pages turn, flashing full of memories 
C          D        Em      
I can see all too clear 
            C       D       Em 
The time has come to face my fear 

C     D        Em           Bm            
And there's a fire burning in my heart 
Em                        Bm 
Just shine when all is torn apart 
And I will make it through this desert storm  
Safe and warm 

My shield is strong 
I'll take my chances here and now 
Bring on the fight 
I'll find a way to win somehow 
       C         D 
No, tomorrow's no regret  
Em                              Bm 
I'll risk it all for this brand new day 

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