Sorry Is Not Good Enough Acoustic




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Sorry Is Not Good Enough Acoustic

	  		Standard Tuning (E A D G B E) 

Verse 1: 

      A    A                           D 
   I cant stop... I cant stop loving you... 

          A     A                                D 
 You're a Dreamer... And thats what gets you through... 

Pre Chorus: 

     B                          C# 
   I can't Stop believing that this is the end 

   D                     E 
   There must be another way... 

   B                        C#                   E 
   Coz i couldnt handle the thought of you going away...whoa yeah 


   A                           F#m 
   Sorry's not good enough...  Why are we breaking up... 

   D                              E 
   Coz i didnt treat you rough so dont go changing...  

   A                           F#m 
   What was a thinking of...   You said you'r out of love... 

   D                                     G           Em 
   so baby dont call this off because... Sorry's not good enough 

D               D A           D A    G A 
   Oh Yeah... 

Use same patter for the next verses and chorus’ 


   E                                   D  
   Oh, you  said  you'd never leave me here, yeah a whole new reson.  

    G                                F#m 
    Sorry's just not good enough for you... 

   F#m       D                  N/C                     A 
   Everybody makes mistakes...  and that's just what we do... 


G           Em 
   Sorry's not good enough... 

G           Em 
   Sorry's not good enough... 

G           Em                  D A 
   Sorry's not good enough... 


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