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Wasted Years Keyboard

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by gustsilva

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Wasted Years

Year: 2005 - Album: Live Friday the 13th (CD/DVD)

Slow is the memory 
I can picture her standing right in front of me 
                  Dm                  G 
Orange blossoms crushed on concrete 
          Em              Am 
I walk around with bare feet 
       G         Em 
And I know you want me 

Can't remember everything 
Her skin it tastes like sugar cane 
                    Dm                        G 
And I had already gotten there before I came 
     Em       Am 
My tank is empty 
        G             Em 
And I know you're thirsty 

Am C Dm I have already tried to explain myself Dm F It's not that I love someone else F G Am But I can't bear to listen to you cry Am C I'm sick of all these wasted years Dm A rag for someone else's tears F G Am I wring you out as I hang you out to dry
Am C'mon C'mon C Get off the phone Dm Please come home G It's been so lonely since you've been gone Am you won't surround me C up and down me Dm Be all around me G Baby I can't breathe no more

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