Lloyd Snow

Snow White Dove

Lloyd Snow

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Snow White Dove

	  		Hey guys this is my first tab hope you really enjoy this nice tune. If you 
like the sound of Newfoundland music or are from the island you will be  
familiar with this song. If you would like to play along just search up the  
name of the song on youtube and its there. Thank you for clicking this tab.  

Tabbed by : guitarlearn01 
Email : [email protected] 

Tuning : Standard 

No Capo 

Intro : D,A,D 

 D                               A  
They were very very happy, their marriage was a gem, 
  G                                                  D   A 
But death was soon to take his pretty wife away from him; 
D                                            G 
With her dying breath she whispered, we have everlasting love, 
         D                             A                 D 
And I'll come back to be with you as a little snow white dove. 
          D                            A  
Time went by and nothing happened, the dove did not appear, 
    G                                         D 
The young man fell in love again and married in a year; 
But the day he brought his new bride home the neighbors were to see, 
  D                                    A                 D 
A snow white dove come fluttering down upon the snowball tree. 

There she sobbed and moaned heartbroken in an almost human way, 
G                                                      D 
No matter what the weather, she would perch there every day; 
When the neighbors and the servants, now the story they had learned, 
     D                                    A              D 
That in the `guise of this white dove the young wife had returned. 

The new bride heard the story and her nerves began to fail, 
    G                                            D 
The young man tried to help her but it was to no avail; 
To save his second marriage he knew something must be done, 
      D                           A                 D                 E 
So at dawning the next morning he went out with his gun. 

He raised the gun and fired through the leaves so deep and green, 
    A                                                     E 
The snow white breast turned scarlet and he heard a woman scream; 
The dove flew high into the air and disappeared from sight, 
       E                           G                   E 
But as he lay there in slumber the young man died that night. 

'Neath the snow ball tree they buried him to lie in last repose, 
    A                                A                E 
The young wife and the servants left for where nobody knows; 
Now the big house stands there empty and the garden lies in ruins, 
    E                                         G                    E 
But above the young man's grave each year the snow ball tree still blooms. 

They say that no one comes to see that lonely unkempt green, 
    A                                         E 
But every year at a certain time a visitor is seen; 
    G      E                                   A 
And if you spoke to the neighbors then they'll tell you what they see, 
      E                                     G                        E 
Its a snow white dove with a scarlet breast perched on the snow ball tree. 

There she sobs and moans heartbroken in an almost human way, 
A                                               E 
No matter what the weather she will perch there every day; 
And she seems forlorn and lonely for a love that couldn't last, 
            E                         G              E 
And you hear her cry in anguish for a sad and tragic past. 

Outro : A,E,G,E 

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