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by Nick+D

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Maybe I Know

Dm Bb Maybe I know that he's been a-cheating Gm C Dm Maybe I know that he's been untrue Bb C F {1,2,4: C 3,5,6: A7 But what can I do {3,5,6: whoa-oa}
Verse 1: Am D Am I hear them whisperin' when I walk by Em F6 G "He's gonna break her heart and make her cry" F C F C I know it's me they're talkin' about F C F A7 I bet they all think I'll never find out whoa-oa but {repeat Chorus} Verse 2: My friends are tellin' me that he's no good He isn't treating me the way he should He really loves me, that's all I can say Before my tears fall, I just walk away oh-oh but {repeat Chorus} Bridge: F {N.C.} Deep down inside he loves me C {N.C.} Though he may run around Dm {N.C.} Deep down inside he loves me Bb {N.C.} C A7 Someday he'll settle down {repeat Chorus} {repeat verse 2, first two lines instrumental} {repeat Chorus 2X; fade}

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