Lee Roy Parnell

Every Night's a Saturday Night

Lee Roy Parnell


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Every Night's a Saturday Night

1.My ole boss man just can't understand 
  Says overnight I'm a brand new man 
   A                                              D 
  Workin' with a smile on my face that won't go away 
  I guess he just don't know what love can do 
  All the time I'm smilin' I'm thinking 'bout you 
     A                                             D 
  I punch that clock and say here's another lucky day 
C.I used to live my life for Friday at five 
  And dread that ole blue Monday 
               G              D 
  Now you make every night a Saturday night 
      A             D 
  And every day is Sunday 
2.They say happiness is all in your mind 
  We all make our own paradise 
  All it takes is faith and a positive attitude 
  Well, I have to agree with that philosophy 
  'Cause that's just the way it happened to me 
  Everything in my life turned around when I found you 
B.Now when the weekend rolls aorund 
  You won't find me out on the town 
  There ain't nothing better for me to do 
  Than lay around and love on you 

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