The Girl I Knew Keyboard


Difficulty: EasyEasy

by tarikike

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The Girl I Knew

G                       C 
Thought love had come my way 
     Am               D 
When I saw you face to face 
 G                      C 
When you looked at me that way 
    Am              D 
In Covent Garden that day 

  Bm          C                 D     G 
What did I do wrong to make you doubt me? 
C           G         D 
Why did you change? 

G C D The girl I knew always made me smile Em C G D The girl I knew wanted my first child G C D The girl I knew wouldn't make me cry C G Am But she's gone and left home tonight
C Bm Left me on my own tonight G C Of all the days we spent together Am D And the endless movie nights G C Said we'd always last forever Am D And I never thought you'd lie Bm C D G How did I lose my best friend? Em C G D And, what happens now? CHORUS C G The girl I knew D Bm Wouldn't want more things I've ever had C G The girl I knew D Bm Told me I could always make her laugh G C Now she's living on her own Am D And she's listening to sad songs G C And I'm waiting for the day she calls my phone Am D And she says that she was wrong CHORUS C D G Am The girl I knew please come home tonight C Am Em D The girl I knew always made things right C D G Am The girl I knew I can't live without C G C And I need you home tonight D G Just us, just you and I

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