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The Wheel Keyboard

Laura Stevensonm

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by tamamoreira

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The Wheel



Starts of dreams, I'm able to breath underwater, someone's daughter's 
sugar, Southern weather voice, with Lucky Strikes she stries  to cover the  
Dm F 
Smell, cover the  
C           G 
noises of his mouth 
Dm                      F 
blue out the plains of his face, cover the 
C Dm F 
noises  he makes 
C                         G 
There's a man, and I hate him plainly 
    F       D         C     G 
nothing fancy in how glad I watched them bury him 
           C                          G 
But ever since then, I can feel him all around me 
Am  G F 
clawing like a crowd 
     Am          G          F 
Like the weather sucks me in and spits me out 
C                    G 
Understand I am only as he made me, 
Am                         Dm 
a faithful servant to all of the noise, 
all of the lights, 
all the flashing in my head, 
the sound of his mouth, 
loud as a crowd, 
        C           G 
and you're lucky that you're dead 
         Dm         F 
because Clemency is tugging me 
    C       Dm 
but I'm sorry that she's weak. 
Am C G Dm F C G Dm F C 

C             Dm F 
Because I won't be merciful 
              C        G 
like what got you first in your throat, 
      Dm     F 
I will be real, real slow,  
        C       G 
just like a wheel, turn over. 
       Dm F 
I'm like a wheel.  
       C G 
I'm like a wheel 

Dm F C G X5 

Am  Dm   F     G  Dm 
I'll be real, I'll be real. 
      F   C 
I'll turn over like a wheel. 

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