Laura Padaratz

Hard To Quit

Laura Padaratz

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Hard To Quit


Verse 1:

Bm You know I never wanted it to be like this A7M I had no choice but to face the fear, yeah Bm You're really good at paralyzing me A7M How come you take control even when you ain't here Bm I know it's better for me if I don't see you A7M And my best remedy will be the distance Bm The problem is that I'm so bad at hiding things A7M Yeah it's true, I miss you, I miss you
Bm I cry all day and drink all night A7M Trynna get you off my mind A7M But the drug is so hard to quit Bm A7M I know this is how it's supposed to be, yeah Bm A7M Ooh, But it's so hard to quit

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