Kris Kristofferson

Good Christian Soldier Keyboard

Kris Kristofferson

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by magicspyder

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Good Christian Soldier


C            G          C 
Not so long ago, in Oklahoma 
    G                                C    C7 
The son of an Okie preacher knelt to pray 
          F                           C 
He said, "Lord I wanna be a Christian soldier just like you 
    D7                              G 
And fight to build a new and better day" 

    C              G              C 
Now many years and miles from Oklahoma 
     G                                   C    C7 
That same young Okie boy still kneels to pray 
    F                                C 
But he don't pray to be no Christian soldier anymore 
                         G               C  C7 
He just prays to make it through another day 

F G F F/A C 'Cause it's hard to be a Christian soldier when you tote a gun F G F F/A C And it hurts to have to watch a grown man cry F G C C/B Am But we're playin' cards, writin' home, and havin' lots of fun D G G7 Tellin' jokes and learnin' how to die
C G C You know the things I've come to know seem so confusing G C C7 It's gettin' hard to tell what's wrong from right F C I can't separate the winners from the losers anymore G C And I'm thinking of just givin' up the fight CHORUS

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