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Coming Up Strong Keyboard


Difficulty: EasyEasy

by VsWorld

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Coming Up Strong


Why you crying, its okay now 
If I hold you, will you calm down 
Its your way with words 
That can make me burn 
When you say it, do you mean it? 
When I shout out, do you hear me? 
When its all too much 
Look at what we've done 

G That's when I'm comin up strong, comin up strong Cadd9 Comin up, comin up strong Oh, oh, Am-D7 Oh, oh (2x)
G Call me ruthless, we've been through this Who's to blame now, babe it's useless Am Cause its no one's fault D7 If the lights were off G When we're shining, then we're flying Through the wheel house, that we're grinding Am When its all too much D7 Look at what we've done Chorus (2x) Bridge: G So easy we forget and Cadd9 Say clouds are moving in, Rain starts to fall again G But as soon as you tell me its Em A7 Okay Chorus

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