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For emily whenever I may find her Keyboard

Johnny Rivers

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by europeu

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For emily whenever I may find her

  		F       |            |  
  What a dream I had:  
Bb           |        |  
   Pressed in organdy;  
F           |         |Eb               |   |  
  Clothed in crinoline    of smoky Burgundy;  
Bb             |C    |  |  
Softer than the rain.  
F           |                  |  
  I wandered empty streets down  
Bb           |              |  
   passed the shop displays.  
F          |             |  
  I heard cathedral bells  
Eb                  |           |  
   Tripping down the alley ways,  
Bb     |C         |  |  
   As I walked on.  
F             |         
  And when you ran to me  
    |Bb            |               |  
Your cheeks flushed with the night.  
F             |              |Eb               |          |  
  We walked on frosted fields    of juniper and lamplight,  
Bb       |C         |  |  
   I held your hand.  
F         |       |  
  And when I awoke   
Bb             |              |  
   and felt you warm and near,  
F              |          |  
  I kissed your honey hair  
Eb                 |      |  
   with my grateful tears.  
Bb     |C        |    |  |  
   Oh I love you, girl.  
Eb    |Bb | Bbmaj7   |    |  |  |  
   Oh, I    love      you.  


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