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Any Day Now Keyboard

Joan Baez

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by GenieT

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Any Day Now

  		I Shall Be Released (words and music by Bob Dylan.  On Joan Baez's double-disc album "Any Day Now.") 

C                                             Dm 
They say everything can be replaced 
Em                    F          G7       C 
They say every distance is not near, 
C                                Dm 
But I remember every face 
Em          F           G7       C 
Of every man who put me here. 
C Dm I see my light come shining Em F G7 C From the west out to the east. C Dm Any day now, any day now E F G7 C I shall be released.
Chorus They say every man needs protection, They say that every man must fall, Yet I swear I see my reflection Somewhere so high above this wall. Chorus Now yonder stands a man in this lonely crowd, A man who swears he's not to blame. All day long I hear him shouting so loud; He's crying out that he was framed. Chorus

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