Jimi Hendrix

My Friend Keyboard

Jimi Hendrix

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by iampoopface

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My Friend

  		Chords-intro(G7 D7 G7 C G7 D7,) (G C F F# G)2X, B Em Em/D C  
G Bb/F C/E C#dim Edim Gdim A#dim, G B/F# Em Em/D C F G 
Spoken during intro-"You all pass me that bottle. I'll sing 
you a real song." 
         G               C7                 F              F#     G  
Well I'm looking through Harlem, my stomach squeals just a little more.  
     G                 C/E                           F        F#      G 
The stagecoach full of feathers and footprints rolls up to my soapbox door.  
      B/F#                                   Em     Em/D     C      
Now a lady with a pearl handled necktie tied to the driver's fence  
G              Bb/F C/E                               C#dim Edim Gdim A#dim 
breathes in my face bourbon and coke possessed words,  
           G            B/F#     Em       Em/D   C       F   G 
"Haven't I seen you somewhere in hell, or was it just an accident?"  
(play first two measures of intro and say) 
"You know how I felt then" 
Before I could ask if it was the east or the west side  
my feet they howled in pain. The wheels of a bandwagon  
cut very deep but not as deep in my mind as the rain and  
as they pulled away I could see her words staggering falling 
on my muddy tent. Well I picked them up and brushed them off  
to see what they said - you wouldn't believe it. "Come around  
to my room with the tooth in the middle and bring along a  
bottle and a president." 
B/F# Em Em/D C And sometimes it's not so easy 'specially when your only friend G B/F# Em Em/D C F G talks, sees, looks and feels like you. You do just the same as him.
(play intro and say) "It gets very lonely out here in this room baby" Well I'm riding through L.A. on a bicycle built for fools. And I see one of my old buddies and he says "You don't look the way you used to do." And I say "Some people look like a coin box." He says, "You look like you don't have any coins to spare And I lay back and thought to myself And I said this as I picked up my pride from beneath the pay phone and combed his breath right out of my hair. >Chorus I just got out of a Scandinavian jail and I'm on my way straight back to you but I feel so dizzy I take a quick look in the mirror to make sure my friends here with me. And you know good well I don't drink coffee so you fill my cup with sand and the frozen TV's on the barroom sharing it's sticks around the broken edge and my coat that you let your dog by the fire on. And your cat he attacks me from his pill box ledge and I thought you were my friend too man my shadow comes around before you. >Chorus

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