Jesus And Mary Chain


Jesus And Mary Chain

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Written by Jim Reid/William Reid

	  		Intro:  just play Bb for a few bars 

1st  Verse: 

I got syphilitic hetero friends in every part of town 

I don't know them but I hate them I don't want them hanging 'round 

I won't roll my bones for every little girl who gets on down 

I got space and space got me I should be selling it by the pound 

F Eb Ever since I heard the voice I thought I had no choice Bb But then I kissed her
2nd Verse: same as first I don't mind if I get broken I don't mind if I get fixed I don't mind if I'm not spoken I don't mind if I get kicks If I wake up dead I'll wake up just like any other day And the photographs of god I bought have almost fade away 2nd Chorus: F Eb Everything just passes by I thought it always would Bb But then I kissed her Outro: Bb Ab-F-Ab-F Bb Eb-C#-Eb \ Bb / 3X end on a single Bb note

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