Canned Heat


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Canned Heat

Year: 2006 - Album: High Times: Singles 1992-2006

Written by Jason Cheetham, Derrick Mckenzie, Simon Katz, Sola Akingbola, Wallis Buchanan, Grafftey Smith Toby

"If I Have Write Wrong, Mail Me..."
                    Jacob Olofsson

Intro:  Keys: A, C, E, G, E, C, A, G   Am7

Verse: 1 Dm9   Am9   Bbm7   Bbm7   Am9   Gm7   Gm7   Am9   Bbm7
         Bbm7   Cm7   Dbm
       2 Dm7   Dm7   Cm7   Bbm7   Am7   Gm7   Gm7   Am9   Bbm7
         Bbm7   Am7   Abm7   Fm7
         Second time before the chorus:
         Bbm7   Cm7   Dbm7

Chorus:  Dm9   Dm6   Ebm7   Fm7
          (Last time:  Cm7   Bm7   Bbm7   Am7)
         Before the end in the second chorus play...:
         Gm7   Am7   Bbm7   Cm7   Dm7
         ...then play verse 2 two times.

Break:   Em7   Fm7

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