Jamie Lenman

Saturday Night

Jamie Lenman

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Saturday Night

verse 1 
   E       A         B        E 
My old man died on a Saturday night 
  C#m           A            Bsus4 B 
I watched as he just stopped breathing 
    E             A         B           C#m 
and though it was awful and painful and sad 
      A            B      E 
I was glad that he wasn't alone 

verse 2 
   E             A               B         E 
It felt like something he'd just had to go through 
   C#m     A              Bsus4 B 
an arduous task he'd been given 
       E           A           B            C#m 
And it seemed so unfair it was his cross to bear 
    A           B       E 
the sickest and weakest of us 

verse 3 
      E           A         B          E 
Oh we never spoke much as a father and son 
    C#m       A    Bsus4 B 
but we had an understanding 
      E              A            B       C#m 
and I still hear his voice when I open my mouth 
   A         B          E 
in anger, or wisdom, or such 

   E       A       B         E 
If I see a similar jacket or hair 
  C#m         A           Bsus4 B 
I think for a moment I've found him 
    E        A             B          C#m 
but then I remember - it's not about "where" 
      A             B           C#m   F 
and I know he's not lost, he is gone, yea 
         A            B      E 
I'm just glad that he wasn't alone 

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