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You've Got A Friend Keyboard

James Taylor

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by Baquit

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You've Got A Friend

Year: 1971 - Album: One Man Band [CD + DVD]

(Carole King)

            Em      B7          
When you're down and troubled           
        Em    B7     Em Em7     Am7         
and you need a helping hand     and nothing,          
Bm7             G        G/F#         
nothing is going right,          
close your eyes  and think  of me,            
     Em    B7     Em  E#m7         
and soon I will be there         
   Am7         Bm7              C   D         
to brighten up even your darkest night.      
G GM7 C Am7 You just call out my name and you know wherever I am G Am7 D I'll come running to see you again. G GM7 Winter, spring, summer or fall, C Em All you got to do is call Am7 Bm7 C and I'll be there, yes, I will G C You've got a friend
Em B7 If the sky above you Em B7 Em Em7 should turn dark and full of clouds Am7 Bm7 G and that old north wind should begin to blow, B7 Keep your head together now Em B7 Em Em7 and call my name out loud Am7 Bm7 C D Soon I'll be knocking upon your door. Chorus BRIDGE: F Now ain't good to know that C G GM7 you've got a friend when people can be so cold? C F 7 They'll hurt you and desert you Em Am7 They'll take your soul if you let them, C D Ooh, but don't you let them. Chorus

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