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Isac Elliot

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by robepoiel

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New Way Home


Intro (continued): Am - C - F - F 
                   Am - C - F - Dm 

verse 1: 
My home is where your heart is, 
  Want you to know you own it, 
G                                 Dm 
  And that you've had it from the start. 
I hate to see your tears, 
C                             Dm 
 There are things you need to hear, 
    Am             G 
Let me talk to you baby. 

Am                     C 
   Cause you need things he cannot buy, 
G                               Dm 
  Yeah you want him to make you smile, 
Am                     C 
Carving our names in a tree, 
                     Dm       Am          G 
Just you and me, the rain can't wash that away 

Am C New way home F I dream a little dream of ya, F To be with ya Am C Stone by stone F I'm working on a dream for ya Dm The best for ya
Interlude: Am - C - F - Dm verse 2: Your home is where my heart is, Want you to know that I want it that way, Let me have it that way. I'd love to feel you near, There are things you need to see, Ooh let me show it to ya baby. Pre-Chorus 2: Cause I got things he cannot buy, I know that I can make you smile, Carving our names in tree, Just you and me, the rain can't wash that away... Chorus (2x) Interlude: Am C F Dm Bridge Am C I know that these are the times, G When people lock their doors, Dm And hide inside. Am C Girl, I know if you'll be mine, G You're safe here with me, Dm 'Til the end of time... Chorus (2x)

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