Iron Maiden

Run To The Hills Keyboard

Iron Maiden

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by maluko

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Run To The Hills

Year: 1982 - Album: The Number of the Beast

  		E                 D                     E 
White man came across the sea 
C                D            G    A 
Brought us pain and misery 
E             D                      E 
KIlled our tribes killed our creed 
C             D       G             A 
Took our game for his own need 
E              D                            E 
We fought him hard fought him well 
C              D         G                A 
Out on the plains we gave him hell 
F              D                          E 
But many came too much for Cree 
C              D     G         D 
Oh will we ever be set free? 
Riding throught dustclouds and barren wastes 
C                                    C B C B 
Galloping hard on the plain 
Chasing the redskins back to their holes 
C                                           C B C B 
Fighting them at their own game 
A                               C 
Murder for freedom a stab in the back 
F                                     D 
Women and children and cowards attack 
G                F      C                   G  G E F F# 
Run to the hills  run for your lives 
F               F      C                G  G E F F# 
Run to the hills  run for your lives 
Soldier blue on the barren wastes 
C                                        C B C B 
Hunting and killing their game 
Raping the women and wasting the men 
C                                           C B C B 
The only good Indians are tame 
A                                  C 
Selling them whisky and taking their gold 
F                                   D 
Enslaving the young and destroying the old 
{Solo} Em  F#m  G  C (4X) 
{preparação para a volta do Refrão} A  B  C  D (4X) 


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