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You Saw Me Keyboard


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by rumbanjo

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You Saw Me

Year: 2007 - Album: Saviour King

  		Intro: F   C   F   C   

Verse 1:   
     F               C        F                    C   
Your glory fills the heavens, Your glory fills the earth   
F                 C        Am                    G   
Still You chose surrender, You gave Yourself for me   
F            C       F                C   
God of my salvation, Hope of rightiousness    
F                      C       Am                 G   
You paid the price of freedom, You took a lonely cross   

                F     C/E   
I'll bless the Lord always   
           F  G    C   
Bless Your holy Name   

G Am F C And You saw me when you took a crown of thorns G Am F And Your blood washed over me G Am F C And You loved me through the nails that You bore G Am F And Your blood washes over me
Verse 2: F C F C Amazing like no other, Grace without an end F C Am G As Your word had promised, You died and rose again

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