He Is Lord


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He Is Lord

	  		Am  C  F 

    Am      C          F 
Oh blessed Lamb once slain 
      C      Am    G 
Will reign forevermore 
     Am         C         F 
His hands once bound now save 
     C        G     F 
Our God will never fail 

   C           F 
He is Lord, He is Lord 
       C          Am      G 
Sings my soul, He is the Lord 
    C             D 
And He lives, yes He lives 
    F             G     F 
Im alive, cause Jesus lives 
F  C  G 

Tis at the cross of Christ 
Where earth and heaven meet 
Where sin is overcome 
To God the victory 

          G     F    G 
...cause Jesus lives 

And now 
        F                    G 
Let the earth resound with praise 
        Em7             F 
For our Saviour God He reigns 
      Am              G 
He is high and lifted up 
         F             G 
For the King of glory waits 
      Em7           F 
He is coming back again 
      Am            G 
He is coming back again 

Am     F            G 
He is coming back again 
      Em7           F 
He is coming back again 
      Am            G 
He is coming back again 

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