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Never Forsaken Keyboard

Hillsong Worship

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by adalgomes

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Never Forsaken

Intro: C  Dm  Am F 

verse 1 
C                             Dm 
Find me with open arms 
Pull me towards Your heart 
Swept away in the tides of Your spirit 
C                             Dm 
Your hope will not resign 
Your grace cannot run dry 
I will dive into You 

F For all my days Am7 G F In Your shadow I will remain Am7 G Oh I could stay here forever Dm7 By Your side Am7 G F I know You won't shy away Am7 G I am never forsaken
verse 2 In the dark and sleepless nights To You I'm holding tight I will rest in the depths of Your mercy You drench my weary soul Your Spirit overflows Here I soak in Your love ( Fmaj7 Am G Fmaj7 Am G ) BRIDGE G/B G Dm7 I'm covered by Your love C/E F It's surging in my heart Am7 G Forever I am found in You my God Dm7 My feet had wandered far C/E F But now I'm where You are Am7 G Forever I am found in You my God

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