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Daniel Kelles 
G Em7 G/B C 
I said on Sunday, how much I want revival  
G Em7 G/B C 
then on Monday, I cant even find my bible  
D Em7 C G Em7 G/B C 
where's the power, the power of the cross in my life? 
G Em7 G/B C 
I'm sick of playin' the game of religion  
G Em7 G/B C 
I'm tired of losin' my reason for livin' 
D Em7 C G Em7 G/B C 
Where's the power the power of the cross in my life? 
D Em C 
I'm not content just to walk through my life  
D Em C 
Givin' in to the lies walking in compromises  
D Em C D 
now we cry out as a generation that was lost  
Am G/B C Dsus 
but now is found in the power of the cross 
G D 
We believe in you  
Am G/B C D 
we believe in the power of your word and its truth 
G D 
We believe in you  
Am G/B C D G 
so we lay down our cause that our cross might be found in you 
Am7 Em D 
I'm not satisfied doin' it my own way  
Am7 Em D 
I'm not satisfied to reject and walk away  
Am7 G/B C  
I'm not satisfied there's no love in my life but you  
Am7 Em D 
I'm not satisfied livin' in yesterday's hour  
Am7 Em7 D 
I'm not satisfied to have the form and not the power  
Am7 G/B C D 
I'm not satisfied lord I am crucified in you  


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