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Herman's Hermits

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by kraziekhat

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Leaning On A Lamppost

  		Leaning On A Lamppost:Herman's Hermits. 
#7 in 1965. 

INTRO: (slow) (Original key.) 
    C              G 
I'm leaning on the lamp, 
          F              C 
Maybe you think I look a tramp. 
   C                   F        G       C  G    
Or maybe you think I'm round to steal a car. 
    C             G 
But no, I'm not a crook, 
           F                   C 
And if you think that's what I look, 
     C                F       G       C 
I'll tell you why and what my motives are. 

#1. (Fast.) 
    C                               Am 
I'm leaning on the lamppost at the corner of the street  
          G                         C 
In case a certain little lady comes by. 
   G      C   Am        G              D          G 
Oh me, oh my, in case a certain little lady comes by. 

Oh, she's wonderful, she's marvelous, 
She's fabulous, she's beautiful. 
    G                     C        G       C      F 
And anyone can understand why..I'm leaning on the lamppost 
C      F      E      F                D 
at the corner of the street in case a certain  
       G          C 
little lady comes by. 

    C                               Am 
She doesn't always get her way, she cannot always get her way. 
    G                         C 
But anyway I know that she'll try. 
   G      C   Am G                D          G 
Oh me, oh my, I  hope that little lady comes by. 

She's not the kind of girl to be late for. 
    C                      Am 
But this one I'd break any date for. 
  D                            D7 
I won't have to ask what she's late for. 
      G                    G7          G 
She'd never leave me flat..she's not a girl like that. 




A sixties smash from Kraziekhat. 

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