Good Charlotte

Meet My Maker

Good Charlotte

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Meet My Maker

	  		This is the special version of the last song on the GC C.D.- Chronicles of life and death 
 if you wait like 3 minutes after the last song is over you'll get this song.... 
Also I've just started so this might not be perfect anyways, here it is... 
               G  C9   G  C9   
Verse 1:  Lost and Broken Hopeless and lonely 
              G        C9   
              Smilin on the putside, but hurt benath my skin 
              My eyes are fading 
              My soul is bleeding 
                  C9                G                    D 
              I'll try to make it seem O.K. but my faith is wearing thin 
Chorus:  So help heal these wounds, 
             They've been open for way to long. 
             G                 C9               G 
             Help me fill this soul, even though this is not your fault 
                    C9               Em       D       C9       G 
             That I'm open and I'm bleeding, all over your brand new rug. 
                                                  C9                    D 
             And I need someone to help me sew them up. 
             Em                  G 
Verse 2:  I only wanted a magazine 
             Em                         G 
              I only wanted a movie screen 
             Em                         G                           D 
              I only wanted the life I'd read about and dreamed 
           Em                         G 
            And now my life is an open book 
             Em                            G 
              And now my heart is an open wound 
            Em                          G                           D 
             And now my life is an open soul for all to see 
              CHORUS (and at I need someone to help me) 
           So you come along 
           I push you away 
                  Em                                     C9   
           Then kick and scream for you too stay 
            G                           C9               
            Need someone to help me sew them 
           G                              C9   
            Need someone to help me fill them 
           G                               C9        D (and if you want too add an extra G at the end) 
            Need someone to help me close them up            
This isn't perfect as I said at the start the transitions from one cord to another arn't perfect either 
 I've only been playing for a few months 

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