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Keep The Car Running Keyboard

Goo Goo Dolls

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by jov%2Dcorrea

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Keep The Car Running

Intro: Am G F (C) G 


Am         G                     F                C   
There are days when I feel that everything that's good is gone 

Am         G                     F             C      
There are times that I feel no matter what I do, it's wrong 

Am                 G                 F                
C     G 
I've walked these streets alone just living day to day 

Am                       G 
Clocking in, fading out, don't tell me what I'm feeling now 

F                           C         G x2 
You shook my dreams away 

F C Tired of waiting around G Now, what are we becoming Am G Keep the car running F C The only answer I know G Never taking it slow Just it keep it coming Am G Keep the car running
F C I'm not leaving without you, you're the one I can't lose G Am G Say goodbye to all the things in life that tried to pull us down F C Yeah, we'll make something out of nothing G Am Yeah, yeah, keep the car running 2nd verse is the same as the first 2nd Chorus and the bridge are the same as the first Chorus

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