Amaze Me


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Amaze Me

Capo on 3 

C G C G 

F             G 
   New Jersey born, yeah 
F                   C G 
   The flat land of Nebraska 
F        C      G 
  From Decatur, Georgia 
       F   G 
To California 
F       C          G 
  Let's dig up the map and 
F       C                 G   F 
  Let's leave while we're happy 
  C         G 
I wanna see Tucson 
                 F G 
Before it's all gone 
C G F C G F Amaze me, America C G F G Am F G C Save me from armageddon, high road to heaven
F C G Eight hours at the airport F C G Wanna hightail to Gulfport F C G Wanna sit on the back porch F G And stare at the stars F C G From the chemical water F C G Of New York's dirty harbor F C G To the rock of gibraltar F G At the end of the world Chorus Em F Let's dive to Atlantis G C Em Let's hear what they tell us F From the bottom of the ocean G I really want to know them Chorus

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