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I Just Wanna Stop Keyboard

Gino Vanelli

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by hakill

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I Just Wanna Stop

  		I Just Wanna Stop ? Gino Vanelli 
(on rhodes)  (strings.... 
B11        Emaj7/9	 Dmaj7/E	 	 	                    
               For your lo-ove 
           Emaj7/9	 Dmaj7/E	 		 
	       For your love... 
Emaj7/9	          C#m9		        Amaj7/13			 
    When I think about those nights in Montreal 
                       A/B	          Emaj7/9      Cmaj9     B11	 
   I get the  sweetest thoughts of you and me.. 
Emaj7/9		C#m9	       Amaj7/13				 
    Memories of love above the city lights 
         Amaj7		G#m7	 
 ohhh  I try so hard to take it 
       F#m7                Amaj7/B 
But oh Lord my heart won't make it 
        Bbm7/5-    Amaj7	 
 I just wanna      stop 
And tell you how i feel about you babe 
Bm7/E                      Amaj7 
I  -I-   I      just wanna stop 
I never wanna live without you babe 
Bm7/E                     Amaj7 
 I -I   -Ijust wanna      stop 
Amaj7  G#m7  F#m7 
for    your  lo--ove   
Cmaj7    Dmaj7        Emaj7/9 
ohh      oohh         ohhh 


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