The Dumb


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The Dumb

Key:  Dm More
The Dumb Key AmAm
The Dumb Key A#mA#m
The Dumb Key BmBm
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The Dumb Key G#mG#m

Am               F 
Loves their only son 
Dm                  Am 
Loves him dazed and dumb 
F                 Dm 
Always calls them back 
    F            Am 
The art of the attack 
Dm          F 
Everyday it took 
   Am               Dm 
To do the best they could 
F               Am 
Progress always slow 
  Dm            F 
Imperfect passenger 
   Am          Dm 
It never goes away 
    F              Am 
And every time you don't 
    Dm                Bb 
You live the life you broke 
How will I 
Feed the lie 
       F              Bb 
As the ache is always there 
Well I won't 
       Bb            F 
Be the shadow of limitations 
Make it real make it love 
        Bb            F 
Make it count letting go 
And I'm dreaming 
        Bb           F 
Head of gold, let it grow 
How you live and try 
    Bb            F                     Dm 
You lay where the moon sets in grey and try 
        Bb                   F 
But the dumb never tells you why 

Dm C Gm C Dm C Gm C 

Dm                F 
Wonder if they'll play 
    Am                Dm 
The pitcher's wearing shades 
F                  Am 
Dreams are growing old 
Dm             Bb 
Stories left untold 
Say goodbye 
Truth and lies 
      F                          Dm 
River flows and burns within our veins 
          Bb              F 
Fires and trials, a lucky throw 
Fell to pieces 
         Bb              F 
Hands of gold are always cold 
All that you said you dared 
    Bb                F             Dm 
You tried, oh there's pity on their lips 
              Bb                           F 
You know, you tried he's flawed and left behind 
         Dm                    Bb 
When the moon sets in grey you cry 
        F                   Dm 
But the sun never tells you why 

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