Gabriel Brelaz

Let The Sunshine

Gabriel Brelaz

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Let The Sunshine

	  		Em   D9/F#   CM7   D9 
All my life I give to you 
Em           D9/F#     CM7      D9 
Past,present and days to come 
Em           D9/F# 
When i ́m with you 
 CM7                  D9        Em  D9/F# 
There is no worry for me 
 CM7            D9   Em  D9/F#  CM7 
There is no worry 

G           D/F#         Em7 
The sky opened to me 
D9/F#        C              Em 
The birds decided to sing 
D/F#                     C 
A new day was born 
Em   D9/F#  CM7  D9 
Letting the Sunshine 
Em       D9/F#    CM7 
Letting the Sunshine 
D9/F#      CM7      Em     D9/F#     C 
I know there's a light shining on me 
D9/F#      CM7 
There in deep in my being 
Em   D9/F#  C 
I can see 
Em   D9/F#  C  D9 
I can see 

Em   D9/F#  CM7  D9 
The Sunshine on me 

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