Frank Sinatra

A Baby Just Like You Keyboard

Frank Sinatra

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by europeu

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A Baby Just Like You

  		Intro: F  C7  Bb  F  Bb  C7  F (2x)
               Bb     F 
The season is upon us now 
    Bb       C7        F 
The time for gifts and giving 
            Bb           F 
As the year draws to its close 
Bb       C7        F 
I think about my living 
                   Bb    F 
Christmastime when I was young 
    Bb    C7           F 
The magic   and the wonder 
                Bb      F 
Colors dull and candles dim 
    Bb  C7            F 
And darkness standing under 
Dm          G        C7      Bb 
  Oh little angel in shining light 
C7                  F 
You send my soul to dreaming 
Dm             G       C7     Bb 
  You've given back my joy in life 
    F         Bb          F 
And filled me with new meaning 
F  C7  Bb  F  Bb  C7  F (2x)
Verse 2: 
A Savior King was born that day 
A baby just like you 
As the wise men came with gifts 
I come with my gift too 
Peace on earth fills up your time 
And brotherhood surrounds you 
You may know the warmth of love 
And wrap it all around you 
It's just a wish, a dream, I'm told 
>From days when I was young 
      Bb         C7     F       Dm 
Merry Christmas, little Zachary 
      Bb         C7   F 
Merry Christmas, everyone

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