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Mother Keyboard

Filipe Le˘nidas

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by alyslima

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  		Am             G  F        E 
Cry of the night, song is solution 
Am             G  F       E 
Mother don't go, it's bad situation 
Am       G   F      E 
My eyes are red, sad days 
Am         G   F             E 
Shadows all around me. ghost are my friend 

C#m       A 
Loves is loves 
B           C#m 
Dreams are dreams 
A         B 
Good for you 
Bad for me 
For long time 
A       C#m 
Remember me 

Am             G 
The game of life 
F              E 
We play every days 
Am      G         F              E 
Working hard, and livin on a prayer 
Am       G      F        E 
Victory every day in my life 

C#m         A 
Day and night 
B       C#m 
I need you 
A           B 
Because forever 
I will love you 
For a long time 
A             C#m 
I will remember you 

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