Father John Misty

I Love You Honeybear

Father John Misty

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I Love You Honeybear


Intro: C Em Em/A Em Am G6 

C                        Em        Em/A  
Oh honeybear, honeybear, honeybear oooh 
Em  Am                              G 
Mascara, blood, ash, and cum on the Rorschach sheets 
Where we make love 

 C                    Em     Em/A Em 
Honeybear, honeybear, honeybear 
Fuck the world 

Damn straight malaise 
It may be just us who feel this way 

But don't ever doubt this 
   A7sus4        Am 
My steadfast conviction 
   C                              A7sus4            Am 
My love you're the one I want to watch the ship go down with 
The future can't be real 
         A7sus4            Am 
I barely know how long a moment is 
   A                       Dm 
Unless we're naked getting high on the mattress 
          G              Em 
While the global market crashes 
     C                                  A7sus4    Am 
And debt fills the streets with garden variety. oblivious, 
  Em/A                                 Dm 
You grab my hand and say in I-told-you-so voice 
     Em             Am 
"It's just how we expected" 

C              Em 
Everything is doomed 
G                  Am/D 
And nothing will be spared 
  E                C       Em Em/A Em  Am  G 
Oh I love you honeybear 
C                        Em Em/A Em Am G 
Honeybear, honeybear, honeybear 

You're bent over the altar 
          A7sus4          Am 
And the neighbors are complaining 
         C                                   A7sus4      Am 
That the misanthropes next door are probably conceiving a Daemon 
E                            A7sus4 
Don't they see the darkness rising 
Good luck fingering oblivion 
      A                      Dm 
We're getting out now while we can 
You're welcome boys 
         C                       A7sus4 
Have the last of the smokes and chicken 
Am        C                         A7sus4              Am 
Just one Cadillac will do to get us out to where we're going 
I brought my mother's depression 
You've got your father's scorn 
      Em                Am 
And a wayward and schizophrenia 

    C              Em 
But everything is fine 
      G         Am/D       
Don't give into despair 
     E              C         
Cause I love you honeybear  
 Em Em/A Em 
Am    G  
ooooh ooh 
Em Am/D C 
Ooooooh ooh 

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