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by ENMusic

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Intro: (2x) 
Jesus gives me power (4x) 
I got it, I got it (hey!) 

verse 1: 
It more than a feel - ing 
Your fire in me 
I want the world to get it 
And the blind to see 
They can live in your freedom 
And they can walk in the light  
of your love 
A league of be - lievers 
And we won ever give up 
God people rise up 

Cm He given us po - wer (Jesus gives me power) Cm/Ab Bb He given us po - wer (Jesus gives me power) Cm He given us po - wer (Jesus gives me power)
Cm/Ab Cm He given us po - wer (Jesus gives me power, I got it, I got it) TURN: (2x) Cm Jesus gives me power (I got it) Cm/Ab Bb Jesus gives me power (I got it, I got it) (Repeat Chorus, TURN) verse 2: You said to do greater Greater than what you did And sooner than later We want to walk in it Let your kingdom come down All your people cry out to you We the league of believers And we won ever give up God people rise up (Repeat Pre-Chorus, Chorus, TURN) Optional RAP: (Play VERSE, Chorus (2x)) Plugged into that power It flowing in me like a fountain We outcry then he outpoured Got a forecast of them showers The Spirit of the Lord is upon me To be what I need to be Do what I need to do Miracles, signs, and wonders too That expected now, that just fruit I feel like I in the upper room No movie, Christ is coming soon Ever since he walked out that empty tomb And ascended his Spirit been fillin rooms From Asia to Africa He after a people that are after him And won nobody ever come after him He the beginning and he at the end Amen I been regenerated renewed by the Spirit To be what I made to be Same Spirit that created me Resurrected the king His blood in my veins Calling his name, I seeing the change It enough power to break every chain To heal the sick, to heal the lame, To raise the dead, you cannot contain it Acts 1:8 meditation, this track heavy rotation Motivation, every nation, steadily waiting Spirit breaking out amazing Holy fire, fan the flame Jesus risen, only King the great I AM Has empowered me to be the hands and feet And intercede to the ends Bridge: (2x) Cm, Now that we got that power Cm/Ab Can no - body hold us down Bb Every battle already won And we overcome Cm we got that power

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