Enrique Iglesias

She Be The One Keyboard

Enrique Iglesias

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by alyslima

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She Be The One


      It is an awesome song with a little weird Music. 
         G#                         A# 
      She wakes you up,early in the morning 
            G#                            A# 
      She tell you babe,I feel a little horny 
            G#                                  A# 
      She brings you up and then,you know you want it 
      I like the way. 
            G#                        A# 
      You give it girl,your mouth is dry 
      G#                A#    
      Your heart is beating faster, 
            G#                             A# 
      You wanna die,you`re too afraid to ask her 
            G#                             A# 
      She pops the gun,your prayer already answered 
                 B               A# 
      Tick tock bang,thank you ma`am 

        B    F#     E      B          F# 
      Don`t fool yourself,you can`t stop it if you try 
      And it`s a bumpy ride. 

B F# She be the one,she be the drug E She gonna take you high,take you low F# Never get enough B F# She be the one,she be the bomb E Watch out here she comes F# You know you`re gonna get some.

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