Enrique Iglesias

Naked Keyboard

Enrique Iglesias

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by brunblazkowski

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          Am                              F 
      You got a girl,that doesn`t look a thing like me 
           Am                       G 
      The girl your mother always say it would be so, 
              Am           F                G 
      You can say that,you can say that i`m hopeless 

                Am                                   F 
      But that ain`t the girl,that ain`t the girl I want to be 
          Am                                   G  
      The girl that kissed me oh and I see in my dreams so, 
             Am                F             G 
      You can say that,you could say that I love her. 

      oh oh oh 

Am F So I don`t care what they say it`s our life life life Am F We can dance if we want make it feel alright Am F Temperature`s rising,I feel the fire G F Tonight it`s just me and you Am G Tell me baby will you here when I wake up Am Even with some make-up F I don`t wanna fake it,fake it Am G And you don`t gotta doubt a second if I miss you F Every time I`m with you Am G F Am I feel naked Hey, Am G F Am I feel naked
(The rest of the song is played in the same pattern.) You know I want it So let me get it What you gon` do with it oh oh oh If I told you girl come and run away with me Now would you throw it all away for me I need to know that,need to know that It`s not over `Cause you were the boy daddy told to stay away from me But you are nothing but a fantasy I need to know that,need to know that You`d be strong enough to believe in us... Repeat The Chorus Again

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